Translation Rates in AUD per 100 English words (incl. GST)

(Exchange rates: Convert now)

Type of document                                                        Price

Standard everyday language                                            from $27 / 100 words
Academic, legal, medical, technical, specialised               from $32 / 100 words
Driver's Licence, ID, certificates                                        from $35
Proofreading                                                                   from $35 / hour

The deadline by which the work must be delivered may influence the final price of your translation, as will the nature of the source document. Emergency work will incur additionnal costs. Once the work is completed, you will receive an invoice. Down-payments will be requested for assignments over 2500 words (or 10 pages).

Payment options

TransIt Translations accepts payments via bank transfer, bank checks or credit cards. Payments by credit cards can be made through Pay Pal, an easy and secure on-line system. All you need is an email address and a credit card. You may create a Pay Pal account now or later by following the link on the invoice that will be sent to you by e-mail. Payments are accepted in all major currencies – at the exchange rate agreed on at the time of the quote.