At TransIt Translations, confidentiality is more than just a word. It is a high priority,  achieved through concrete procedures. Whether the documents you send us are of a private or business nature, TransIt Translations treats them with the same level of care.

This is our confidentiality policy:

  • we are happy to sign any confidentiality agreement
  • we never mention our customers' names ( unless duly authorised )
  • we use efficient anti-virus software and keep it updated
  • no external person has access to our PCs and laptops
  • we do not take any prints out of the office
  • we delete all printouts after the job is completed
  • we are happy to delete any document from our hard drives upon request

Accuracy and trust

Your message matters, this is why TransIt Translations prides itself on finding the exact wording which will not only respect the content of your text, but also the author's style. This focus on quality implies significant preparation in the form of research and document gathering, which goes well beyond the actual work of translation.
TransIt Translations has a network of faithful customers, with whom it has created working relationships based on trust. A long-term relationship with a company or institution enhances the quality of the documents produced through better understanding gained by the translators of the field in which their customers work.

Around the clock availability

Geographical distance does not constitute an obstacle to business anymore and TransIt Translations works in all parts of the world. This requires a very high level of availability and a very tight follow-up of e-mails. All requests will be dealt with promptly.